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Web Listings

With the advent of the internet, the way customers find and relate to businesses changed exponentially. We now carry computers around in our pockets to access information at the touch of a finger.

Small businesses that did not have the time or could not afford to have web pages built for their businesses had an internet presence as early as 1994 on Today that ability continues to exist along with the added ability to link to those companies that do maintain their own individual web sites.

With an enhanced Gold or Platinum membership level, your company recieves a link form this Chamber website to yours. Many may think this is not a big deal, but at a 2013 convention in Los Vegas, one of our members found that the latest search engine ranking algorithms assign as much as 65% of your search engine result to incoming links from valid internet sites such as this Coopersville Area Chamber of Commerce website.

As you can see, your Chamber of Commerce works for you 24/7 - even if you do not attend a single meeting or event!